What Is Plumbing?

This can be defined as a system that helps to supply and distribute water within a building, and also remove waste water out of the building.

Who Is A Plumber?

A plumber is a certified engineer that had undergone training and is certified to carry out plumbing activities.

Components Used In Plumbing










Before now, all the water people need in the home is brought into the house using a bucket and those ones that need to be disposed of are disposed of using bucket too. That is how it has been from the beginning until plumbing was introduced. Even at that initial time that plumbing was introduced, it was only kitchen sink and the hand pump that mainly existed in many households. In the bathrooms, it was just water closet and bathtub that can be found but gradually it is being replaced with other things like faucets, basins, etc and water can comfortably run in the bathroom.

How Bathroom Fixtures Started

A lot of challenges were faced by those who wanted to bring in plumbing and some of those challenges were people's opinion. People believed that diseases will be transmitted easily through that means because they believed that most diseases are from air pollution. This generated fear in people's heart and this disrupted the first move to introduce plumbing into the system. Many people then believed that the best is not the plumbing inside the house.


Knowing When Plumbing Problem Arises And When To Call A Professional Plumber

Every person needs to have some important tools that can help the household get out of minor plumbing problems, like a clogged toilet or a slow drain but there are other complicated issues that need the attention of a professional plumber. Even trying to sort out slow drain by yourself can lead to a major problem in the system later.

When Does Plumbing Needs Maintenance

If you carry out routine maintenance on your plumbing equipment, definitely, they will last more and will help you to avoid costly repairs.

Set out time to go round your home and inspect the pipes, sinks, etc., check there is any leak, or build up of mold somewhere. Check if there is any rust on any copper because that is what leads to a leak. Open your taps and monitor the water pressure, if they don't have a steady flow that means there is a problem somewhere.

Also, flush the toilet and observe if there is any leak at the base, if it happens, that means it is a sign of wax seal becoming weak.

After you have done your own inspection, you can then invite the professional plumber for his investigation.

Professional plumber is a plumber that has been certified and registered as an expert engineer. The engineer will do a more in-depth check of the pipes, faucets, etc. to discover if there is any problem with any of them.

After the thorough check by the professional plumber, an appointment on when or how to carry out the maintenance can be fixed. It is always good to carry out the maintenance as soon as possible so that it will not deteriorate and cause you more money.

Know The Duties Of A Professional Plumber

It is necessary to know the duties of a professional plumber so that you will know when to call their attention when the need arises.

Works on the system to maximize the rate of flow

Cleans the disposals and water heaters

Carries out pressure tests so that he will find out if there are any hairline leaks

Access the Water pressure and makes any necessary adjustment

Carries out plumbing repair jobs

This doesn't mean that occasional plumbing maintenance and inspection will make the clog or leak to occur when the house is getting old. It must surely come, only that it is minimized and don't occur as frequently as when no maintenance is involved.

One thing you need to check and control in the home is faucet that drip. This can waste water and also increase the water bill.

The dripping occurs as a result of the pressure with which water forces itself on the faucet, this leads to the washers becoming stiff and torn with time, thereby allowing water to drip.

When this is not repaired immediately, it can lead to the valve seat becoming worn or moldy, in this case, a professional is expected to be called to fix the problem and this will cost more than when the dripping just started.

Although this is a simple thing that can be changed by anyone but calling a professional plumber is the best.


Little Water Pressure

When there is little water pressure, it makes the water that is supposed to rush heavily to just drip from the tap when it is turned on. This problem is not from the pipes but from municipal that supplies water. It is mainly caused when deposits begin to build up. It is as a result of water carrying softened minerals as it enters the pipe. If there is filtration system, the minerals can be filtered and such problem would not occur but when it doesn't exist, the deposits would build up and cause that problem.

Another major problem that can be encountered in a home is the toilet refusing to flush. This can be so frustrating as you have to waggle the handle several times before the water can flush. When this kind of issue begins to occur, it points to the fact that it is time to change the inner workings.

The problem occurs when the valve through which water passes to the bowl from the tank is not properly fitted or the fill tube has become loose. A plumber needs to be contacted to know the exact cause of the problem so that you don't go fixing something else that is not the cause thereby spending unnecessarily.

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